$27 Million for Folly Beach Renourishment

beach renourishment

The City is thrilled to share that the data and information provided to the Charleston District Army Corps of Engineers after both Hurricane Ian and Tropical Storm Nicole resulted in federal supplemental funding of $27 million for Folly Beach! Following the storms, the mayor hosted US Army Corps General Butch Graham, Senator Lindsey Graham, and Rep. Nancy Mace to bring awareness to Folly’s erosion and repair needs.

This is fantastic news. The emergency renourishment will be funded 100% by federal dollars at no cost to the City and should be awarded before the end of 2023. According to Fish & Wildlife Service, during emergency rehabilitation projects, the exemption to use the Folly River as the sand borrow area is valid. So, we expect to be getting sand from the river, and hope to see sand on the beach this year.

In last month’s issue, I described a smaller project that will place sand offshore on the sandbar near 9th St. E. That project is on track. The funding I’m describing here will allow for a traditional beach nourishment project with pipes and bulldozers on the beach. We expect the Army Corps’ contractor to place about 900,000 cubic yards of sand or the same amount as 90,000 dump truck loads. Of course, the sand will be pumped onto the beach and not placed with dump trucks!
Nicole Elko, Ph.D.
President, Elko Coastal Consulting, Inc.