Folly Beach Turtle Watch Program: August Update

loggerhead turtle

We finished July with 117 nests. Nesting has slowed down considerably. We don’t always get nests in August and when we do, they are frequently “wild” nests. A wild nest is a previously undetected nest. Usually they occur where earlier in the season we investigated a turtle crawl and possible nest but we were unable […]

Folly Beach Sea Turtle Update: July 2023

folly beach sea turtle

We finished the first half of July with nests 108 and 109. This makes 2023 our #2 year in nests, surpassing the 108 nests in 2013; and second only to the banner year of 2019 that set records for everyone in South Carolina (Folly Beach had 145). We still have not had any of our […]

Folly Turtle Watchers Treated to Rare Daytime Nesting Event

folly turtle watch program

Last week, residents of Folly Beach were treated to an extraordinary sight as they witnessed a sea turtle nesting during the daytime, a rare occurrence. Sea turtles, such as loggerheads, greens, and leatherbacks, usually choose the safety of darkness to come ashore for nesting. By engaging in nocturnal behavior, they effectively evade predators and shield […]