Folly Association of Business: May 2024 Update

Who likes to eat out?! We do too. Did you know that our Folly Beach restaurants take your safety VERY seriously by enrolling members of their management team in a program called ServSafe®. The ServSafe program provides food safety training, exams, and educational materials to food service managers who share this knowledge with their teams and ensure they comply with the highest safety and cleanliness standards. Restaurant members of FAB are invited to attend a free ServSafe manager class on Tuesday, May 14, in the Tides Ballroom. This is a $180 value per person that FAB is happy to extend as a benefit of FAB membership. To register any of your team members, email:

FAB would like to thank Jody Lynn Rogers and Skip Fink for addressing our membership at our April meeting. We appreciate you taking the time to answer questions and discuss how you would address issues affecting our business community if you were to become a member of City Council.

As we wind down a successful festival season, FAB is proud to fulfill one of its missions: to give back to the community and enhance the lives of those on and around Folly Beach. FAB made donations to Pet Helpers, Warrior Surf, and Surfer’s Healing; each received a $2000 donation to continue their essential work. Thanks to all who attended the festivals, allowing us to help those in need.