Folly Beach Seniors: May 2024 Update

Folly Beach Seniors will meet May 2 at 11am in the Community Center. All 55 and older are invited. Our speakers will be historians; Robert Stockton and Margaret Eastman. One centered on Broad Street and the Barbadians who shaped a colony that became South Carolina. All are asked to bring a covered dish for lunch.

Exciting news for Seniors – FREE transportation assistance is available for Folly Beach seniors. Call Jenifer Plum at 843-554-2275 for assistance. There are Folly Beach residents who volunteer to walk with Seniors who want to walk. I am enjoying walking with the volunteers. Call Lynn Lasherst at (243)867-8284 or go to to sign up.

We wish you a happy Mother’s Day. Pauline Ray
(843) 588-9580


  • FREE transportation assistance is available to Folly Beach senior residents by calling Trident Area Agency on Aging at (843) 554-2275 and ask for Jennifer Plum. This is a free pilot program for Folly Beach residents.
  • Folly Beach seniors have access to HomeBox, which allows public safety and EMS to enter your home in case of emergency. The cost is approximately $230. To obtain a box, contact Chief Gilreath at (843)588-2433.
  • Learn how to play Mahjong! See details here.
  • Would you like to have a walking partner or volunteer as a walking partner with the local organization, Let’s Walk? This is a FREE walking program that partners senior residents who would benefit from a walking partner with volunteer residents in our community to enjoy the many benefits of socialization and exercise. Sign up at or call (843) 864-9295.