Folly Beach Special Election Set For April 23

Folly Beach is having yet another City Council election on April 23, 2024, its third election in five months. You can find details about the election and the two candidates on pages 3 and 4. But why this third Folly Beach election in just five months? Answer: Because of that first kiss at Loggerheads nearly six years ago.

In the summer of 2018, Diane Finnestead traveled from her home in St. Louis to vacation with her sister at Folly Beach. Diane’s sister, a diehard Grateful Dead fan, introduced Diane to her friend, Eddie Ellis, a tanned and hunky local, who just as important, was a fellow Deadhead. It was immediate. Eddie and Diane were both smitten with one another. Since Eddie first kissed Diane at Loggerheads that summer, Eddie and Diane have logged thousands of miles traveling back and forth between St. Louis and Folly Beach.

Now, nearly six years later, they are weary of their long-distance relationship. Eddie laments that the visits are great fun but the goodbyes are really hard. Whereas Diane’s work can be done just as easily from Folly Beach as St. Louis, Eddie’s landscape business suffers when he is away one week each month. But Diane is deeply rooted in St. Louis where she still lives in her childhood neighborhood among many long-time friends and family, including her spry but aging father. Eddie foresees that the STR issue will be an ongoing tug of war dividing the community for the rest of his council term. It’s as if the universe is signaling Eddie that it is time to get on with the rest of his life. As a final harbinger, the remodeling of Eddie’s condo, both inside and out, was recently listed, and it is as ready to sell as it will ever be.

Eddie listened to the universe and took action. In December, he listed his condo. In January, Eddie made it official when he submitted his letter of resignation as a Folly Beach City Council member. His last Council meeting will be in April. Most recently, in early February, Eddie underwent major shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff that he injured in November. As they work through their Folly Beach “punch list,” Eddie and Diane are eager to settle down together in St. Louis. Diane’s neighbors have embraced Eddie and are thrilled with the landscaping improvements he has already made to the neighborhood.

On February 13, 2024, Eddie publicly announced his resignation at the City Council meeting. Congresswoman Ann Wagner from Missouri’s 2nd district where Diane lives, proclaimed February 13, 2024, as Eddie Ellis Day and sponsored the flying of a flag over the US Capitol on 2/13/24 to recognize Eddie’s 18+ years of service as a Folly Beach Councilman and to welcome him to the great state of Missouri.

So LOVE is why Folly Beach is having a special election on April 23, 2024. After over 18 years of dedicated service to Folly Beach, Eddie Ellis has resigned his City Council seat. He did it for LOVE. Good luck to Diane, Eddie, and Lucky. We are confident we will see you again.