Folly Beach Turtle Watch Program: August Update

loggerhead turtle

We finished July with 117 nests. Nesting has slowed down considerably. We don’t always get nests in August and when we do, they are frequently “wild” nests. A wild nest is a previously undetected nest. Usually they occur where earlier in the season we investigated a turtle crawl and possible nest but we were unable to locate the egg chamber. Consequently we call it a false crawl (just like a human – blame our inadequacy on the turtle). So far in August we have one new nest (not a wild nest) and two false crawls. So nesting activity on Folly Beach has not completely ended.

Folly Beach Turtle Watch

Recent Nest Inventories Have Been Successful!

Turtle Watch volunteers remind the public of how artificial lighting affects hatchlings
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From sand to sea, sea turtles face many obstacles. One of the most dangerous is artificial lighting.

“The hatchlings are hardwired to go to the brightest thing around, which, as they’ve evolved over the millions of years, has been the sky over the ocean,” said Dave Miller with the Folly Beach Turtle Watch Program.

However, the brightest thing around is sometimes artificial light, like lamps or brightly lit houses. The past week, the Folly Beach Turtle Watch team was called to two separate incidents in which a total of three hatchlings were found dead and at least 20 were disoriented because they followed the beachfront lighting. View Full Story Here.

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