June 2024 Mayor’s Message

Fellow Citizens,

Can you believe it is June already? Yes, I know you can with the traffic jams and roadway walkers.

June also brings more beach renourishment on both the East and West ends of the beach. A little inconvenient for a beautiful beach again! Also, in the mix the turtles are continuing their march ashore to find that perfect nesting site. Mother nature at its finest competing with the renourishment process too. We all, people and turtles, need to be very mindful of the workers and their workspace that are there to only make Folly Beach a much better experience.

On a sadder note, Folly lost one of our Word War II veterans in May, Mr. Jack Carter. Jack had been a longtime Folly homeowner and resident. We will certainly miss him and gratefully thank him for his service to our country.

On a better note, another of the greatest generation members and also a WW II veteran, Mr. Forrest Neely will be celebrating his 100th birthday on June 6th. Way to go Forrest and keep them coming! Forrest is also a longtime homeowner and resident, for longer than most of us have been alive.

As for the City Council and staff the big news is Budget Time. Much time and effort will be spent to get it right and continue the services the city provides to its residents and visitors.

To wrap up June also brings Folly Family Fun Nights once again. Be on the lookout for times and places to be announced.

As always you know how to reach me with any questions or concerns.