Message From the Chief: November 2023

I’m happy to report that other than the Dlood event, we made it through the hurricane season unscathed. During the next few months, the following items will be priorities for your DPS staff. Monitoring homes and rentals that may be empty during the next few months; Traffic Enforcement; Beach Enforcement; and maintaining the vast amount of annual training that Police, Fire, and EMS certifications require.

Some of the additional items that you will see is the updated beach walkover signage, which is a project that our Beach Patrol and Public Works staff is working on together. We routinely run into situations in which folks aren’t exactly sure where they are when calling in issues to DPS on the beach.
This high visibility signage will address this issue directly. We are also working with Public Works and DOT to improve the traffic and pedestrian signals at Center & Ashley… as well as obtaining approval and placing speed monitoring signs in different areas around the island.

If you see something that concerns you, like we always say…
please report it as we are here 24/7 to respond to your
concerns. 843-588-2433.