Message From the Mayor: April 2024

Mayor Goodwin

Fellow Citizens,

April showers bring May Flowers! April showers (bridal) also bring many young Ladies to Folly to celebrate the upcoming weddings getting ready to be kicked off. They also bring many young men to Folly to celebrate their buddy’s last single hurrah! As this season expands, I encourage everyone to be very vigilant for these party goers as they navigate our streets before, during, and after the party. If you witness anyone who seems to need help, please take a moment to notify the Public Safety Department so we as a city can try to avoid any future terrible events to young people visiting our city. A ride home or a detainment until a responsible person can be obtained to care for some of the over partiers, is a small price to pay to perhaps save a life from being cut too short.

Spring break! Another American tradition that takes on many faces across our Country and beyond. Again, another reason to report problems to Public Safety and our Short-term Rental Code enforcement group. The city has some new and some old rules in place to help protect our ability to live in and enjoy our communities. The city welcomes our visitors and all we ask in return is that they treat our island with the respect it deserves. This is respect for our citizens, young and old. To protect the environment, the wildlife and the shoreline that brought them here to enjoy on their holiday.

Now, as you read this article beach renourishment should have begun! I encourage everyone who wants to watch the work being done or just go to the beach away from the work area, click here (or go to City website) for an active work map from the Corps of Engineers. This map will be updated daily, and you will know in real time where on the beach work is taking place.

As always if you have any questions, you can contact me or (843)729 0298.