Message From the Mayor: February 2024

Mayor Goodwin

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone and their mate, husband, wife, family members, and significant others have an enjoyable day to celebrate Love all around our City, State, and Nation. Truly a time to come together as members of one great family of humankind. Everyone should stay tuned to the Council’s work on the Short-Term Rental ordinance. Hopefully, we will reach a good compromise, which is an agreement where no one is completely happy. That would hopefully put a lot of unrest to bed and the Council will be able to spend more valuable time on completing some needed infrastructure, citizen safety, and the annual budget process. These all are things that help shape the future of our community. Livability is always a key phrase in political campaigns that bring forth many promises, I hope some of those promises come true for you the citizens of Folly.

Speaking of campaigns and promises, we again have an upcoming election for a City Council seat. At the writing of this article, I have no idea of who will sign up to run; but I challenge each candidate to run a “clean” non-personal attacks campaign. I also challenge them to stick to the facts at hand and not go off on making promises that may or may not come to fruition; after all, they only have one vote in seven. I also challenge every voter to pay close attention to the campaigns and cast your vote for the good of Folly Beach’s future, as you imagine a future you can be proud of! Not a future built on empty promises and threats.

Wish I had more concrete information for you but for now, that’s all I have. If you have any questions or concerns, contact me at or 843-729-0298.