Message From the Mayor: July 2023

Fellow Citizens,

The Old Adage, I have some good news and some bad news. First the bad news.  As we have discussed before we are in 2023 Hurricane season with two named storms already popping up in the Caribbean. To go along with that we have had some extensive erosion of our beach and dunes.

Now the good news. We will be having a full beach renourishment in the Spring of 2024, if we can keep all things on track. We are in desperate need of this renourishment for our enjoyment of the beach, but more importantly for the nesting shore birds and turtles. With the beach disappearing completely in some areas at high tide it is extremely difficult to have either a bird or turtle nest.

Now to even sadder news, in the last month we have lost two iconic residents of Folly. First Mrs. Virginia Bonnet who was 101 years young and a long time resident of Folly.  Next, we lost Richard Weatherford Senior, owner, and proprietor of The Sand Dollar Social Club. Opening the Sand Dollar in 1975, Richard owned one of the oldest continuous operating businesses in Folly. We will all miss Richard either at the Dollar or sitting on his Sand Bug, golfcart, at the corner of West Ashley and Center streets monitoring the happenings of the weekends and Holidays.

Remember, we are in the 2023 hurricane season so get ready because ready or not one could come to a city near you!

As always feel free to contact me at anytime with your questions or answers:  or 843 729 0298.