Message From the Mayor: May 2023

Message from the mayor

Welcome to May. The official start of Turtle Season once again. That means, lights out on front beach, help monitor holes on the beach that need to be filled in, all dogs must be off the beach between the hours of 10am until 6pm, and be on the lookout for those turtle tracks that signify the momma turtles have found Folly Beach one more time. I would say traffic will start to get worse; but if I did, I would be about a month late for the warning. So, we all need to plan our trips and adjust the time we think it will take to arrive where we need to be. Good planning and patience will help relieve a lot of stress we might encounter on our ventures from the island. I know it takes a little time to readjust but remember the best entrance to Center Street is at the light.

On a happier note, be on the lookout for the Museum ribbon cutting ceremony at the Community Center on May 12th, followed that evening with a concert in Folly River Park featuring the Vistas. I was told there will be a dance contest so break out those Weejuns and polish up on some of your fancy dance steps. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Just one more reminder, sunscreen is very important as we begin our summer tans. Especially for the younger members of the family.

With that I will say good bye for now and as always I can be reached at or 843 729 0298.