Message From the Mayor: November 2023

Fellow Citizens,Happy Thanksgiving!! Hard to believe it is November already.What are you and your Family thankful for? Is it good health,or maybe a healing from an illness? Could it be you are just thankful to live in America where countless Patriots spanning our country’s history have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country free and a place where freedom of speech is still honored? Freedom of speech means you have the right to express your opinions and others have the right to express theirs. The right to express your thoughts but not the right to suppress mine. A country where debate and elections can beheld without fear of retaliation. I am just thankful that I can live On the Edge or in Mayberry by the Sea either way you think of our fair city.

I am also thankful for the City Staff that work diligently to serve the citizens of Folly in a fair, equal, and just manner.They work very hard to be as transparent as possible; you can find a world of city information on our website. You can find all the ordinances, minutes, every check that is written,the Annual Financial Audit, and much, much more. I am also thankful for the Public Safety Department that work around the clock 24/7 365 days a year to keep us and our homes as safe as possible.

To help be completely transparent, since some wrong information is being delivered from some Council candidates,as you receive this publication of the Sandspur you will be able to go to the website and review an entire timeline of the STR Ordinance, defeated Mayor’s Ordinance, and the referendum. You can review the timeline to make your decision if enough time was spent in studying the question or not.

If you have any question either Mr. Pope or I will be glad to discuss with you.As always if you have any questions, I can be reached or 843 729 0298.