The Chief’s Corner


As September closes and we enter October, continue to monitor the tropics for storm activity.   We aren’t through the hurricane season yet.  While we at DPS are also excited for the crowds to lessen and we get back to some more enjoyable weather… we will continue our traffic safety enforcement and monitoring.  We will keep an eye on some of our homes that sit empty awaiting the next season.  This is something that we can always use your help on, if you know there isn’t supposed to be someone in/around a neighboring home, please call us in to check on things. 

On another note, we wanted to spread the word about a scam one of our Folly neighbors had attempted on them.  She received a call from someone with a cable company saying that she was eligible for a 50% discount on my Xfinity bill if she called a certain number.  When she called the number, they answered “Xfinity”.  They knew how much she was paying for my bill and said that they would give her internet for $50.00/mo for the next 3 years if she paid the first 8 months upfront.  There were other benefits also they used to persuade her.  They wanted her to pay via gift cards.  Luckily, she used the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true… it is.”   This kept her from becoming a victim, and hopefully this heads up does the same for you.

Like always, if you see something, say something… we are here to answer the call 24/7 at 843-588-7003.

Chief Andrew Gilreath

Director of Public Safety